by Megan Jones


Welcome back to reality, to the big leagues.

Becuase the aftermath of a bank holiday weekend is quite clearly going to be a comedown of sorts, I won't bore you with chat about how I'm looking out the window at the beach or anything like that. Instead, I'll send some sundrenched goodness your way. It's a great time to like wine...

As usual.

When you shop with us.

Just before we spent 4 days at Mass we took delivery of some more iconic juice from an iconic part of France.

The Loire should be a favourite hunting ground for those who enjoy refreshing wine that tastes good now and will taste good in the future. Iconic bottlings from Mark Angeli, Ch de Bonnezeaux and Michel Autran are all available by clicking here. They won't be around for long. Do the thing.

Speaking of iconic. 

The alternative and alluring wines of Anon von Klopper have also just landed, in the shape of Lucy Margaux. We've taken a lovely little allocation of some of the best min-int gear coming out of Australia. So fitting, as I sit here, looking out at the beach.... shit, sorry! Anyway, these wines will make you feel as good as I do right now after a few weeks of sunshine. Dig in here.

Next Monday we can have you fed and watered down at dan's too. The guys from Jumi are bringing the cheese and we're bringing the liquid heat. The final few spots are available right here. Hammer the mouse.

That's enough from me, I'm sure you've some reading to do...