by Megan Jones


I don't care if you've been naughty or nice, just call me Santa...

Unfortunately for you, this'll be my last email for 2023. Tissues will be included in each order sent out today. I'm incredibly sad to say I have to go back to Sydney for a few weeks of sunshine. It's gonna be tough, but we'll all get through it.

Speaking of Australia...

I want to introduce you to the wines of Riley Harrison, a young fella who did what most of us have probably thought about more than once. Quitting the reg 9-5 and heading to the wine fields may seem like a pipeline dream, but here's proof that if you want it, you can do it (Truth be told, approx. 69% of my visits to any sort of wine region leave me with significant thoughts in this direction). These have been absolutely pumping by the glass at Dan's, which should tell you all you need to know. They're a very modern take on some pretty classic Australian styles, generally speaking lower in alcohol, lower in tannin, higher in delight and way higher in gluggability. You can strike here very confidently. Strike away.

Shifting through the gears now, something for fans of the classics. 

We were stoked to pick up the wines of Dappled, a producer whose wines are consumed en masse by those in the know back home. Sublime examples of Yarra Chardonnay, Pinot and Cabernet. We were blessed by the presence of Matthew Jukes (famous UK wine writer) at Ken's on the same day these wines were released from customs. I poured him this wine blind. He was questioning which commune around Montrachet it came from. Decent praise. 

Moving slightly closer to Blighty. 

We made the delicious decision to push back our tasting with Jaime Goode to later in January. As it turns out, everyone is thirsty and we're semi-too-busy shifting cases of wine to put on a night time performance as well. Who would have thought? (You'd imagine we'd have some idea, this being the 4th Christmas of Natty Boy...). Anyway, it's now on Jan 23rd. Tickets are available here.

Fresh Burgs from a coupla favourites and a future favourite because who doesn't love favourites? 

A wee top up from Sylvain Pataille, namely his Aligote 'Champ Forey'. Burgundys second white grape in hands that make it taste better than Burgundys first white grape in the hands of most. Did that make sense? The wine makes sense.

Maturing red wine from Lafarge........ do I need to say anything elseeeeeeeeeeee?

New wave booze from Domaine de la Cras aka Marc Soyard. Wines that leave you throwing away several corks, they're that good.

Of course, if all this is just too much (understanable) we are so happy to do the work for you, just grab one of the myriad of mixed packs right here and rest easy.

See you on the other side.