by Fionn Reidy


Fionn this Tuesday for you lucky lot. Love this time of year, It means we’re busy, like really busy. Clearly you’ve all been thirsty as there has been plenty of frivolous festive spending already. Please keep up the good work as we certainly aren’t work-shy around here. As the good stuff goes out, more good stuff comes right back in! Particularly fine booze is on the agenda this week.

If Trousseau is your thing then you’ll probably have heard of the Aviet family. Making some of the finest reds in the region and all at a respectable price point. What's not to love? Nonceau is the most generous of the lot with a big whack of cherry fruit, but still with plenty of finesse. If you wanted something a touch leaner then check out the Ruzard Rosière. Two parcels blended harmoniously for tonic-like levels of refreshment. I love the woodsy, more savoury style that Trousseau does so well. So for me, the Poussot is the pick of the bunch. Earthy, undergrowthy which is screaming for a long lunch after a wintery walk. If you're looking for something to squirrel away then go for this one. It needs time, be that in bottle, or to be enjoyed over a few hours preferably with something rich and delicious.

Not just killer reds in these parts. The Aviets make a couple of mean whites for good measure. Melon a Que Rouge is a little chardonnay mutation that produces some silly good wines. Yellow fruited, a bit floral plus that nutty richness we love from neighbouring Bourgogne. Like the lovechild from my two favourite regions. They also make a more traditional and moreish oxy Savagnin. If like me you are indulging in too much cheese at this time of year then you should be picking up this. Dried fruit, umami, nuts with acid off the scale. Give this contemplation and a large chunk of Comte pls.

If that wasn’t enough Jura for you then we also had some François Rousset-Martin arrive at the tail end of last week. Usually, I’d not be accepting deliveries at 5 pm on a Friday but exceptions have to be made for elite-level stuff. Maybe I'm biased because we share the same initials but these are outrageous. So good in fact that we got it all. Savagnin, Chardonnay, sous voile, ouille, and a handful of different vintages. Plenty of Macvin for the festive season too. We went to town for you all. Thank us later and click here to marvel at the full range.

As I’m writing this a healthy amount of Ochota Barrels has come flying through the door. These need no introduction. Seeing as it’s a special time of year we picked up the highly limited 186 Grenache for you. A textural beast, that is one of the best wines money can buy! Plenty more from this cult producer here, but be quick. These always fly.

Enough, chit-chat. Boxes to pack, gift notes to write, etc.