by Megan Jones

Hey winos,

I don’t want to alarm you, but you are in the presence of a fully qualified Natty GirlTM. That is, if you consider WSET Level Three fully qualified, which I do. Didn’t just pass it either, I passed with merit. Only nerds get distinction, just ask Dan (who got distinction). Either way, I’m coming for his crown.

After a festive evening spent shredding all my flashcards and ripping the wine region maps off my bedroom wall (took a good chunk of the actual wall with me in my enthusiasm, whoops), I’m in the mood the celebrate. Let’s all drink to my success! Or your success! Whatever!

Hot new landing from Domaine Les Bottes Rouges, who I alluded to briefly in my Jura trip recap which, if you missed it, or for some reason didn’t think it worth reading, you can go ahead and get on here. Jean-Baptiste Menigoz was pried away from his former career as a teacher by none other than Stéphane Tissot, who convinced him to become a full-time wino. I imagine when Stéphane Tissot tells you to do something, you do it. Since then he’s grown his estate to seven hectares across seven different plots, making, in his words, ‘the wines we like to drink ourselves’. I like to drink them too, and so will you. Smash here to get your paws on them.

Keeping things French, let’s talk Cyril Fhal, aka Hors Champ, aka owner of, apparently, some of the best gneiss in Rousillon. I wasn’t aware that was an ongoing competition, but go off, king! Anyway, it’s not his gneiss we’re talking about today – branching out from his devotion to producing wines from his own old vines, he started a negoce project, buying fruit from some trusted pals to make a more accessible, ready to drink range, with a nice accessible price tag to go with them. Say less! We’ve got two of his Femme Soleils (sun ladies! Cute!), a Grenache Gris and a Maccabeu, a Muscat and Grenache blend (called ‘the red and the white’ – even the names are accessible) and a nice brooding Syrah. Check the cute price tags and add to cart, you won’t be sorry.

Last up is the new drop from Occhipinti – the ’22 SP68 Bianco, a juicy and savoury Grillo bomb, and the ’21 Il Frappato, serving aromatics for days. Spoiled much? Idk which one to celebrate with, so I guess I’ll get them all. Gotta keep up my wine education now I’ve got this far, and there’s only one way to do that. Okay, there are two ways to do that, but out of immediately starting to study for Diploma and just necking a bunch of wine, I know which one I’m gonna choose.

Have a gr8 week! I’ll try not to forget you all now I’m a big deal.

Love u!