by Megan Jones


We made it back from France btw. Thanks for asking. Just in time, to go head first into a night of nattys and massale selection related tangents with Massimo and Antonella of Partida Creus. Thanks to all those who came down, it was a ripper. I had the pleasure of dining with them after, we're all now invited to the estate in Catalonia whenever we want. You're welcome. What a fruitful week. See what I did there?

Hot on the heels of this rip snorter of an evening comes another, which is sure to be nice and sweaty. We're joined, from the fairer hemisphere, by Mel Chester and Tom Grant from Giant Steps and SC Pannell respectively. Two producers who are really pushing it forward back home, and are responsible for some of the best bottles of grape juice emerging from our sunburnt land. Tickets are predictably already getting a natural move on, so you'd better hammer the clicker finger also. Yes, we are serving Jatz on the night too. Spaces available here.

Onto some things offering more immediate pleasure. 

If you, like me, did your white wine stash the dirty and consumed most of it over the weekend, then firstly well done, and secondly it's all good. We just took delivery of a tidy little selection of white wines that fit snugly in the fridge and taste extremely nice in the glass. Things from the likes of Domaine Goisot, including some long awaited Aligote. Razor sharp Chablis from Celine + Fred Gueguen - new for us, good from us - and a re-up from Michel Autran because why not. 

Add to this a swathe of new booze from Julien Guillot and his Clos du Vignes du Maynes and you have the makings of an ever more hedonistic weekend. 

Not sure if you can tell, but my mind is somewhere warm and coastal.

Apparently there's something else largely irrelevant happening this weekend that means we have another Monday off. How good. Come by dan's. We'll be making the most.

Good luck emptying the inbox today.