by Megan Jones

What’s up winos,

Megan here as per with a whole host of shiny exciting new things, also as per. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

First up, VERY excited to announce the launch of Natty Boy’s inaugural wine school, entitled Wine 4 Dummies, in our trademark brash style. Wine 4 Dummies will comprise five sessions, fortnightly on Sunday afternoons from the 14th of April to the 9th of June, and will take you through topics such as ‘what even is natural wine’, through white wines, orange wines, reds and finally sparkling. These tastings are limited to ten spots per sesh, and they’ll be super interactive and informal, an opportunity to ask everything you’ve ever wanted to know about wine but were too afraid to ask, or to just sit back and let the experts - recently certified WSET dorks Fionn and Robyn - lead the way. They’ll talk you through how each style of wine is made, starting in the vineyard all the way through to the winery, and there’ll be four tasting glasses to smash your way through as they help you understand what you actually like in a wine, and how to translate that into actually ordering that kind of wine, all in the service of generally drinking better. You can buy a ticket just for the ones that take your fancy for £40 each, or grab all five for the sweetly discounted price of £175. We don’t gatekeep knowledge at Natty Boy, we’re here to help. How nice r we? Tickets here, better move quick.

In March we’re also welcoming Amber from Emile Wines for an evening of tasting all things New Wave Burgundy. Amber’s Burgs tasting last year was a sellout smash, and tickets are already flying for this one, so better pounce on those too. Whatever, it’s almost payday! Treat urself. 

We’ve also just had a re-up of Partida Creus, in every letter combination you can think of. A fan of wild, funky wines made from obscure grape varieties? You’ll want to get a load of these. Shop the lot here.

Up at the pointy end of things, snagged a couple cases of By Farr, who are producing unbelievable Pinots in Geelong, Australia. The wines are class personified, don’t u wanna b that too? Make your dreams come true here.

New arrivals also just landed from the Jura in the form of Domaine Rolet, a fairly old school estate that are coming around to the new way of doing things, plonking themselves squarely in the middle of traditionalists and renegades. A perfect intro to the region, if you’re new around the Jura parts, or something fresh if you’re an old hand. If your paycheck is burning a hole in your pocket, might want to add a couple of these new Rinaldis to your cart, or maybe even this from Nervi Conterno. There are few better things you could drink, in my humble opinion. 

Finally, I had the pleasure of tasting these stonking Champagnes from JM Seleque last week so I threw caution and budget to the wind and picked up a couple of each. They’re serious stuff at a non-serious price, what more could you ask for?

I could go on (and on and on and on) since we’re on a bit of a shopping spree atm, but I’ll let you get back to the Tuesday morning grind. Check out everything new we’ve got right here.

Love ya!