by Megan Jones

The relentless pursuit to bring you the finest wines known to humankind continues with lots of old favourites restocked this week. 

We also announced our latest and greatest tasting with the lovely Emile Wines. New Wave Burgundy. An excellent way to get acquainted with some of the hottest prospects coming outta the region. Yummy Chardy, interesting Aligote, ethereal Pinot! We're pouring it all. Also, a very special beery/winey thing. Whatever it is, it's damn delicious. Everyone’s been going on about how fun last year was! I won’t be missing it this time around so will be loitering around postwork. Come say hi, drink nice wine and have a jolly time with me and the gang.

Onto the wines and a decent bit of Tissot just landed. Proper heavyweights, these guys have been making some silly good wines forever now. About as reliable as they come. We've got all the Savagnin you could ever want too. Into the oxy stuff? See here (preferably with a hunk of cheese). Topped up more your thing? See here. Into hectic skinsy things? See here. My pick of the bunch. Insanely complex, cognac-esque in colour with plenty of time on skins dialling up all those lovely aromatics. Souk spice, pithy citrus and a little grip on the finish.

Chardonnay fans rejoice too. These jaw-droppingly single vineyard expressions are also back. Les Graviers is mineral, racy, full of citrus and salt. Les Bruyères from Blue Marls and old vines is all about intensity. Meursault-esque drinking. Tried and tested, classics for a reason.

A little bit of¬†De Moor, but sadly not much more. This one is not trying to show off a specific site but the vintage as a whole. ‚Äė21 is tasting like Chablis of old. Minerality and acidity doing magical things. Cute label drawn by Oliver too.

Top-tier stuff from Foillard is back after a short hiatus too. No Words are needed.

We also secured some new old stuff from Texier,¬†perfect timing for the miserable weather. Eric is a legend, singlehandedly putting¬†Br√©z√®me back on the map. If you're a fan¬†of Hermitage, all things¬†Rh√īne, or wines with a bit of age then these are for you. One thing I hate about London is that it‚Äôs stupid hard to find wine that has been given some time to mellow out in bottle. Thankfully, we‚Äôve done the hard work for you. Rustic but charming from way back in¬†‚Äė17 here. Savoury and spicy from even further back in '15 here. Also, an aged¬†Roussanne. Often flabby and fat in the wrong hands when done right¬†the best examples age excellently. The fruits gone all golden and honeyed with plenty of herbal charm.

Enough chit-chat. Boxes to unpack, boxes to pack, boxes to put in other boxes. Boxes, boxes, boxes.

Take it easy,