by Megan Jones

Hey, Fionn again. Hope you’re all doing well!

Another week with back-breaking amounts of wine flying through the doors. Lots of restocks and plenty of shiny new things keep 2 keep us busy. As ever, hard to know where to start…

Will kick off with a bit of Arnott-Roberts! I was first acquainted with these wines way back at one of my first staff boozy dinners. As ever many bottles were drunk, mostly great, some excellent. This was firmly in the latter. Outshining even my favourite producer from Burgundy, sorry Cossard! High praise indeed for someone who before this assumed all ‘New World’ wine was over-oaked, over-extracted, and Parker-approved. I’m blaming WSET for that btw. Oh how wrong I was. Crystalline and pure Chardy is put front and centre here and offers pound-for-pound refreshment you simply can’t find in the ‘Old World’. With no hideous oak to hide behind, you should go crazy for this too.

Despite working with the standard Cali varieties you’ll also find them messing about with things that shouldn’t, but definitely do work in these parts. American Ribolla Gialla from cuttings from a certain Gravner. Sign me up. Exotic, fragrant, juicy, crisp all my favourite things wrapped up and put into a cute little bottle. Try something new, you won’t regret it.

They’ve also worked their magic on a bit of Trousseau. Whole clusters for a fragrant and lithe wine that will have your head in a spin. The fruit is blended from two sites, one that catches a bit of sun for juicy fruit and one that catches the cool breeze to keep things fresh. Rivalling the best of the Jura, at half the price. Nice.

I know it's wet, and grey currently but they make a mean Rosé as well that I’d happily drink come rain or shine. Again they've been messing around and this is a Touriga Nacional, Gamay Noir, Tinta Cão, and Grenache blend. Saline, mineral and oh-so moreish. 11% so you don’t need to feel so guilty about guzzling this one in record time.

Not just weird things, classic Pinot of course too. Aromatic and fine-boned here. Spicy, earthy, and concentrated here. This btw is from the OG Pinot site in Cali. Planted way back in the 1940s. Maybe this new world aint so new after all.

While you're at it check out the whole range. Life-affirming stuff that’ll make you fall in love with a region you didn’t know you needed to know about.

On the topic of Cali would be rude not to mention the new wines from Domaine de la Cote. Rajat Parr is one busy man. Putting out consistently stellar wines is no easy feat and with so many projects on the go, I don’t know how he does it. I’m thankful that he does. This is a lovely starting point to get to grips with the house style. Aromatic, lightweight, and painstakingly pure. This is a step up, and whilst silly complex now it is destined for a cellar. This one is just silly. Top top top stuff. I have no words. Worth every damn penny. Treat yourself, you deserve it.

On the topic of Pinot it would also be very rude to not mention these from By Farr. One of the Aussie Elite. Classic, house style can be found here. You friend for the cellar here. Coming into it’s drinking window beautifully here. A wine I want to sit and contemplate for a few hours but don’t have the restraint for right here.

Enough rambling, we’ve gotta another delivery coming in hot!

Take it easy,