by Megan Jones

Hey, Fionn again!

Been busy studying and drinking far too many outright bad wines in the lead-up to the big WSET exam. I don’t care how many times they try and tell me that Argentinian Malbec is ‘outstanding’ it's just not and never will be. It’s rank.

Thankfully, here at Natty Boy, we do things properly and sell the good stuff without all those extra nasty bits thrown in. Speaking of all things Natty we just tasted through the range from Marto ahead of his big dinner at Ken’s. I can confirm they are all bangers. Martin Wörner, the man behind Marto, has had some serious education in all things natural. Having worked at the legendary Gutt Oggau and Matassa this guy has learned from the very best and boy does this come through in the wines. They are a whole lot of fun and I can’t wait to see what delicious things get paired with them!

We simply couldn’t wait for the 6th of November to get our fix so decided to grab a splattering of stuff for both you and us. The Weiss is a skinsy blend of all things Germanic. The varieties might have names that are hard to pronounce but luckily the wine is as easy as you like. Aromatic and textured in equal measure makes this both joyous and complex! The Riesling on the other hand is all about attention to tension. Racy and taut for those acid lovers! The Pinot Blanc has a little more body but still pretty lively with this nice gravelly minerality. We also couldn’t resist a red! German Pinot can often be pretty lousy, but in the right hands can be killer. Cuvée Alanna falls into the latter category and is a juicy, fruity expression that suits a chill perfectly. 

There is a teeny tiny handful of tickets left online, so if you want to meet the man behind these killer wines I highly recommend you move fast. I personally don’t think there is any better way to spend a Monday evening… Go on!

Moving on from Germany, we just received some new gear from Piedmont. Trediberri make wines that are a refreshing change of pace for the region. Free from the heavy shackles of overt oak use the fruit is put on centre stage. Their Langhe Nebb and Barbera both offer silly value. They are cuddly and warm for rainy days like this one. The more high-end stuff doesn’t disappoint either. What I love about these is that they don’t need a million years for the tannins to soften out. These are good to go now, like right now! They are offering so much in their youth, it's all already there and it's incredible. Of course, these will age gracefully but rarely have I tasted such complete Barolo just a few years into their long lives.

Also, I simply must mention our lil’ Tissot top-up. These need no introduction. Sadly, only minuscule quantities. But better than nothing right? We literally received one bottle of their Amphora Poulsard. I debated taking this one straight home but that’s hardly fair on you guys. Therefore, this is your warning! You have until the end of the day otherwise it’s all mine. Aren’t I nice.

Take it easy and happy shopping