by Megan Jones

What’s up winos, or should I say Bonjour?

I just got back from a quick weekend in Paris where I spent three days dragging my friends around various arrondissements promising them ‘a cute little café’ when what I actually meant was them standing on the street while I maniacally prowled the shelves looking for Ganevat. Sorry friends. But not really sorry, coz I came home with quite the haul. While those bottles are heading straight for my personal cellar (read: tiny cupboard under the TV in the living room that formerly housed my housemates’ budget vodka), I’ve got some newbies for you too, don’t worry. Also from France! Almost like I planned it!

If you’ve been reading my emails closely (which you should have been) you’ll know already that I’m a white Burgs girl thru and thru, so nothing makes me happier than delivering to you a fresh batch of Chardy from the best region for it in the world. There, I said it!

Hot on the heels of my former favourite Chardonnay, the Macon-Milly (of which we also just had a re-stock, yay!), got two new cuvées for you from Comte Lafon, masters of maintaining freshness in their wines despite the toasty climate down in the Macon. Got their Macon-Chardonnay, a spicy, elegant bottling straight off the best vineyard in the area (the winemaker’s words, not mine, but who am I to argue?), and their Viré-Clessé, a lesson in the more fruit-forward style of Chardy. You can’t go wrong with either, so you should probably get both. Just to be sure! Also just landed from the Macon is the latest drop from Bret Brothers, a radiant, juicy, sunny, happy, delicious cuvée with a delicious nutty caramel-ness to it. For those who like their Chardonnay a little richer.

Next up got a nice new supply of the Sextant wines, which are always a treat. Julien Altaber is a real experimentalist (is that a word? Microsoft seems to think so), and his domaine is a joyful explosion of unique plots, weird macerations and curious infusions. One of the results of said experimentations is this tiny quantity of their Intuition cuvée. Not your normal Chardonnay, this is aromatic beyond belief with this chalky texture thing going on that I’m all about. The 'La Fleur Au Verre' bottling is beautifully ripe and salty with a tight mineral backbone keeping things in check, while the ‘en Chapon’ is a touch oxy, really nutty and saline with crazy acidity. These wines are SO interesting. Go be interested in them.

Finally, if you’re jealous of my Parisian weekend, why not do the next best thing – snag tickets to our Beaujolais Ancien event in a couple of weeks. It’s gonna be like we’re in Paris except the wine won’t be Nouveau and the craic will be better. No offence France.

Love ya and leave ya!