by Megan Jones


Hopefully those morning emails are worked through or discarded, because I'll need your undivided obsession for 5-10. Thanks in advance.

Let's Taste/Sip/Snack. Coupla things coming up to round out the year. On Sunday the 18th there's our Pre-Xmas Sesh, with tickets moving swiftly for what's set to be a delicious afternoon of ignoring the World Cup after England go out this weekend :) and then we follow that up with a proper send off on the 31st with what promises to be a night of hectic booze. Tix 2 both available right at the bottom of this very email. 

Liquid News now.

More fizz for the business end of things. Single sites from Bereche and Grand Cru blends from Renoir and Pierre Peters have hit the floor. You'll need to be swift.

A freshy from Clos du Tue-Boeuf, purveyors of some of the more gluggable Loire gear. This is Pineau d'Aunis, its spicy. You could be spicy too.

Sangiovese done 2 ways. Finally we have some Monstanto Chianti, possibly one of the best wine labels out there, the stuff inside the bottle is half decent too... And then some Pandolfa Federico, also a good label in a different way. We say it often here, something for everyone. Here's the proof, in terms of Sangiovese anyway. 

Some stuff from home too. Like, real stuff. Bass Philip? Depending on who you ask, these guys make the best Pinot in Aus. We have it. Murdoch Hill also make good Pinot, you can have it here. Shiraz or Syrah? Dunno what the difference is? I do. Ministry of Clouds make a Shiraz, and Place of Changing Winds make a Syrah. Both are tasty as. 


Was that 5 or 10?

Cya round xxx