8th December – STAR POWER 👅👃🍹

by Megan Jones


Whilst you've been doing what it is that you all do, I've been working away like a little worker bee with great taste in wine, picking up bits and pieces, here and there, that'll set pulses racing. A bit of star power here, some cult wine there, hectic mature vintages of icons over in the corner and then constant re-stocks of all your everyday favourites. The Chiro is truly on speed-dial at times like these. Bath bombs are a must. Stop thinking about that. 

So, in no particular order because we don't have favourites...

...Trevallon.. usually Cabernet just isn't for me, usually. Thankfully there's 50% Syrah in these too. One of the true icons of France. Would make a great gift for someone you actually care about, or for yourself. Self love and all.

Razor sharp new vintages of Marc Colin are staring at me from across the room. Or am I staring at them? If it's the latter, you'd want to get a move on as my self control is waning. Scintillating Chardonnay, byo roast chook. As an aside, it's one of life's great travesties that the rotisserie chook isn't a thing this side of the Channel. Maybe we'll fix that.

Back to Provence, with Domaine Tempier. This is one of the world's great estates. Anyone who has read Kermit Lynch's book will remember his ode to the hospitality of the late Lulu. These are wines that demand food and demand splashing around. I just got some more mature stuff in. I'm just that kind of guy. They also make quite possibly the best pink wine in the world. What a place, what a time to be alive. 

It turns out that I can't count. So I've got more Comando G than first thought. Now available here.

Back to France. We're in hectic Syrah territory here. Cuchet-Beliando Cornas. 6 bottles only. First in best dressed. 

I realise most of the gear spruiked above is more on the primo end of things, which is nice but also not entirely relevant. DW tho, I have something for everyone. All orders today will receive a free Caramello Koala.

Cya round xxx