What's New 'n' What's Good

by Megan Jones


Just back from Spain, can you tell? Even got a mild tan.

But it can't all be play. I'm thrilled to find myself in Dalston on this amazingly dreary Thursday, chatting to you all about very nice wine - of which there's plenty.

We just landed new releases from the beautifully labelled and also half decent to consume Cali based Jolie-Laide. Their Trousseau Gris was one of the better things I downed last year, so there's that. New this time round is a GSM (Rhone-esque blend for those playing at home) and some Aligote because why not. Truly something for all gamers. Have a crack here.

A coupla weeks back I went to a trade tasting, which is usually something I prefer not to do. It was even on a Monday, this being a day I try to dedicate to doing nothing, weekends being as they are in the wine biznez. The lengths I go to for you all. Fortunately this one was within spitting distance of my front door, so I could at least roll out of bed and straight into the spittoon. Lot's of wine was tasted, only a few were purchased. Here they are:

Cotze, Riptide: pur jus, but with a little something something extra keeping things that little bit more interesting than regular pur jus.

Rochard, Pink Fizz: a wine for if you want to picture yourself living somewhere less grey than we actually all choose to.

Garay, Clande: this was amazing. Other gear from this guy is incoming shortly. 

One last one, from a rare Sunday lunch the other week at a restaurant I won't name as I didn't actually think it was nearly as good as it's meant to be. The wine was great tho. We drank this. It's crying out for anything smoked, literally anything. 

PPS. We just got some Dom de Saint-Pierre. It's only available in packs alongside some Dom Ratte. Nice things come in quads as it happens.


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