by Megan Jones

What’s up winos,

What happened to autumn ey? One minute I’m running around in a pair of shorts and the next I’m trying to remember how to turn on the heating in the bar. Hello winter, I guess. Looking forward to four months of this. Remind me why we live in this country? I’m not skipping hibernation though – bought a double pack of chocolate hobnobs yesterday and all that’s left is crumbs. Goodbye bikini body that never was.

One reason to live in jolly old England: our excellent access to wines from sunnier climes. Today we’re talking España, and if I were truly trying to flex I’d write more words in Spanish, but I’m tired, it’s Tuesday, no-one wants to run this email through Google translate. Vamonos, as they say.

Got some new Spanish arrivals from Daterra Viticultores. Daterra means (I’m pretty sure) ‘of the earth’, and that’s what they’re all about. They have five hectares spread over 25 parcels on high, steep slopes in Ribeira Sacra, with vines planted on the myriad and varied soils of the area. So, makes sense that they’re trying to showcase said soils (say that five times fast). Best way to do that? Minimal intervention! Got two gorgeous, mineral, cloudy whites for you, one Palomino, one Malvasia + Verdejo + Puesta en Cruz. I’m calling them autumn wines, mostly coz despite my best efforts to become a red wine girlie, I’m always gonna pick white. Autumn whites! Tell your friends!

Also received a juicy restock of Oriol Artigas’ orange wines from the Penedès – namely, SOS #10, 100% Xarel-lo (whose pronunciation still evades me), which is another one of those excellent multi-tasking oranges that you can pour for novices and nerds alike. Also got in his pet-nat which I’ve never seen before, and I’ve worked here for ages. So she’s a special one, make sure you show her some respect. Macabeo and Moscatel joining forces here for a floral fun time. Is there something we could feasibly celebrate currently? Er... Scorpio season? Lol. No (no offence Fionn, resident Scorpio). Whatever. Get one and celebrate the fact that it’s in stock! Sure! That works!

Another one from up in Galicia is this Mercenario, which I took for dinner at my wine-snobbiest-friends’ house last night and it went down a treat. I love a mineral white. I also love being able to say ‘mineral’ after five months of WSET shouting at me for saying it during tastings. Speaking of snobs……..

Last thing for today – tickets for this year’s Beaujolais bonanza just went live, and I personally cannot wait. Last year’s Beauj day coincided with my first day working full time for the best company ever (this one, duh) and it was quite the party. We’ll be pouring over twenty different wines from iconic Gamay guys and gals, plus serving up piping hot raclette from our buddies at Jumi Cheese. I know I always say this, but you don’t want to miss this one. I’ll be there, wandering around chatting and drinking (sorry, WORKING), so that’s worth coming for in itself. This level of comedy in person? Priceless! The lesser-spotted Dan will also be taking a night off from his restaurant empire and hanging with us, so if you've been missing him, this is where to find him. Tickets here.

Es todo from me para hoy, gotta go Google Easyjet flights to Spain so I can improve my Spanglish. U should do that 2.

Love u!