What A Time To Be Alive 😯

by Megan Jones


I'm sorry to say you've got me this morning, for old times'. I have missed you all so, a feeling which I'm sure is reciprocated. Things are in the works, things that are taking up too much of me time for now.

I pen you from the depths of rainy Alsace. I'm not sure whether it's the sleep deprivation, amazignly joined as we are on this buying trip by our recent 4 month old arrival/multiple times a night alarm clock, or the fact that my body is processing nothing but Riesling, Pork and various other saturated fats, but I'm feeling a little slugglish this AM. What certainly isn't sluggish is the wine we've picked up thus far during our time in the mountains, nor the contents to follow. Unfortunately for me it's not all 'enemy within the trade' making sojourns à France, there's elite level booze to push out the door this silly season.

Lets start at the top, its good to aim high. Each year around October I start the once/twice daily text and email barrage of our key suppliers asking for certain release dates. Not sure if you were aware, but we're now kind of a big deal. Big deal means juicy allocations. Me want juicy allocations, you want juicy allocations. Its a win allround. As they say, if you don't ask, you don't get, so I ask, a lot. Here's what we got.

Comando G are back, in a big way. Usually this release is fkn top heavy, which it still was this year, but they've done a nice thing and fleshed out the range at village level with three new releases. Maybe I'm cynical but usually when a really good producer creates a new range it tends to be pretty shit, a money making exercise that relies on the scarcity and rep of the top end gear. Fortunately that's not the case here. We've new wines from the villages of Rozas, Navatalgordo and Villanueva, each home to one of the 1er of Grand Cru sites that us mere mortals can no longer attain. Detailed notes are available on each of the wines on their specific pages. These are from the 22' vintage, which saw a return to sunshine and are therefore more approachable and generous. The Cru wines we have remaining are from 21' which was generally cooler, and the wines are more ethereal than ever. It truly is a tough life. Have a gander here.

Back in more familiar territory, we also just nabbed a healthy dose of Julien Mareschal's Domaine de la Borde. Having drunk a decent amount of these recently, I decided it wise to go hard across the range, so we have a bit of everything. The perfect seasoning to anything you happen to be doing atm. In the world of Jura these are a little less vin de soif and a little more vin de garde, which is kind of what we want, you know? Do your worst right here.

GTG, wine to taste this morning, and a train to catch to Paris later. Love you.