Ultimate Chillers 🍷

by Megan Jones


One side-eyed glance out the window should be enough to tell you that red wines belong in the fridge. Not all, but an increasing amount. It's a recipe for good times/success.

Weirdly enough, we're seeing proliferation of bottlings coming out of the Southern Rhone that are supremely suited to a spell on ice. When you study wine (hi WSET) they tell you that the red wines from this part of the world are immensely structured, serious wines. Fermented and matured in oak and destined for the cellar of some old crusty man. Fortunately times change. 

Much like in other industries, in wine there are the top guns. The legends who spawm multiple disciples. Usually it's a pretty safe bet that if someone's spent a bit of time working for one of the big dogs in a region, then they'll know their way around a ferment and have access to some great fruit. In the Gard and specifically Tavel, we have Eric P at l'Anglore to thank for teaching the following two young blokes.

Romain le Bars. Great name. Heaps tasty wines. These are very much in that gluggable, semi-carbonic form that we know and love. Light on colour, high on fruit intensity. My tip is to get a few, grab an esky, fire up the bbq and have several sips. Happy days. 

Continuing in the same vein, stoked to announce we've received some new vintages from Clos des Grillons. This is the domaine of another Pfifferling Disciple, Nicolas Renaud. I've always had a bit of a crush on these, such are their tonic like properties. Take a look inside my heart right here.

On a slightly different note, some more Hermit Ram has landed too. I found myself hand selling a variety of New Zealand wines over the weekend. It seems I've overcome my PTSD of having worked for a despicable Kiwi pre-Natty Boy awakening. Happy days. I've known Theo, the Hermit Ram, for a while, having spruiked his wares around Sydnye. These are the goods. High salt. High time. Drink up.

That's all from me. Fun and games of chatting to contractors re Ken's is on the cards all day long. Can't wait. Never open a restaurant. Ken's will be immense though. Cya in Exmouth Market soooon.