by Megan Jones


Man I'm gassed, and not in the East-London, Amish looking up and about sense. More in the been ripping down walls and ripping up floors and taking in too much dust sense. Alas. Wine. Practically the only thing that's got me through the door today, aside from the opportunity to write to you all, is that we've one of Spain's pre-eminent producers gracing us this evening. As those of you have been before will know, we do "tastings" very well. So next time you're at a loss for somewhere to learn and consume multiple glasses on a Monday or Tuesday evening, think no more, look no further. Here 4 you.

Here's what's good this month on our side of the street. 

If anyone fancies some heavy lifting on Thursday arvo, we've a pallet arriving from the Jura. Mixed juices from the lovely Domaine Ratte will be hitting the shelves and flowing from bottles. I know we just did the regional heavy hitters, but this is what I personally am most keen on, and not just because we took a thousand or so bottles. Swing past, unload one box and have a taste. Pouring from 4ish.

Expansion! Readers and sippers will know that we're making moves into the central reaches of this cavernous, humid city. Well, we're also moving in a SE direction. It felt rude of us to leave those living in and around Bethnal Green with no where decent to consume wine. So early next year we're going to change that. More info will be drip fed in the coming months, but it's superb news if you have ever thought that you needed to buy more wine, but didn't necessarily have the space to store said wine or the patience to keep mitts off. We may just have a solution. You're welcome. 

Wine is also good. We have lots. This is tasting extremely good atm.