by Megan Jones


Clearly everyone loves an event. Either that or you all love an excuse for a glass or five on a Tuesday. It's all very admirable. We'll keep them all coming. 

What we will also keep coming is very good wine. It's been a month full of heavy box lifting in the shop. Loads going out which is good and loads coming in which is good too. Very good. All good you could say. 

My highlights? Fine. In no particular order...

Snacks from back home + tinned fish from Portugal. Snacking honestly never looked so good.

VB Tins.

New Lebanese gear from Mersel. Riotous bottlings from vines as old as time (150+ years), including a myriad of fizzy things that're right in our strike zone.

Everything from Momento Mori, just because.

Heaps more Sylvain Pataille.

Heaps more Jules Desjourneys.

Fresh Advanced Skinsys from old mate Radikon. Both Sivi and Slatnik are back with the 2021's. 

We landed some ultra-iconic high-end gear from some of the finest producers in the world too. Rinaldi, Tremblay, Raveneau, Conterno etc etc etc. Benchmark wines that I always wanted to get my mitts on and am pumped to share. Not exactly friendly on the price front but nice to look at all the same. Maybe something for your Santa list hehe. Here's all the vibe:elite stuff.

May the year continue as it's started! 

Luv you all