by Megan Jones


You may or may not have noticed that the website has had a little facelift. I did promise it. We deliver, both wine and on our promises. I sincerely hope you enjoy using it more than I enjoyed building it. As it turns out I am a bit better at wine than tech. It works though, and it's way faster and looks way better. Happy days.

You could have an even happier day by scoring a ticket to our next tasting. We've got the ladies of Emile Wines cruising through on Tuesday the 21st, pouring the wares of one of our personal faves, Domaine Goisot. These are bio-Burgs full of personality that won't break the bank. A rare combination. Dangerous even. I'll be there, with a thirst. Tickets limited as per. Click here to get a few. Tell ya mates.

I'm tootling around the Jura and Savoie atm trying to get some more gear imported for you (and also skiing) lot to enjoy, so let's chat about something Spanish instead.

We just scored a huge allocation of booze from Envinate's Ribera Sacra operation. They go heavy on the Mencia in these parts, a wonderful variety imho. Few do it better. These varied Lousas bottlings are something else. Haunting on the nose, quasi-orgasmic in the mouth. Few better things will ever pass your lips. We got a good dose of their two new cuvees Doade and Rosende, as well as the usual pittance of the upper echelon Parcela Seone and Camino Novo. Happy fighting/smelling/tasting/loving.

That's all today folks. Have some vineyards to visit. Heaps of new releases are hitting the shelves in the coming days. It's a perfect storm.

Luv you all