Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes 👀

by Megan Jones


I'm back scribing for a special announcement.... we're evolving. It's been a hectic 3.5 years being the Natty Boy, however there's been something nagging away for a while now. In reality it has been ever since I was forced to move away from the word Thirsty, despite being very much so myself. We've outgrown the Natty moniker, so much so that it now acts as a limiation of sorts, pigeonholing the operation and neglecting so many of the amazing producers that we're now able to work with. What started as a few shelves of racking installed in a self storage unit in glorious Nine Elms in August 2020 has turned into loads more shelves of racking installed in a Dalston warehouse and various other wine related spin offs. Wild times. It was never really the plan because there never really was a plan aside from trying to get my hands on as many of the wines that I wanted to drink myself and enable others to consume. I have you all to thank for everything that's come with it. TYSM!

So we bring you Parched! 

You probs won't notice much difference, aside from a way slicker website and an expanded range of goodies. The above and beyond customer experience that we aim for will obviously remain, as will the familiar faces/voices/words/writers. We already had the best range of wine on this lovely sun kissed island, and that will only get better/broader/more elite as we introduce new producers to the market (cya on Thursday arvo ;)) and source more and more rareties on our travels. Work Travels.

Is this a good idea? Who knows, let's find out. The official switch will happen in a coupla weeks whilst you're all asleep. Hopefully it's as an invigorating experience as when the clocks change.

What better way to kick things off than a tasting? Especially a biggy. They're all big, but this is big big. We have Fred from Tutto Wines coming along to pour a bunch of the new releases from Alice Octavin. In case you couldn't tell, we're impartial to wines from this part of France, and long time fans of Alice's work. Tickets are available via the picture below, be sure to bring both a thirst that requires quenching and a hunger for Comté. There sure are worse things in life. We have fresh vintages from Alice arriving tmrw for those with fast clicking fingers, they'll be launched via insta at some point (when we get around to it as there's a couple of other bits arriving tomorrow...)

We also have wine, just a bit, IRL and RN. Including a final couple of Labet Packs, a tiny bit of Harrison Syrah (read the Matthew Jukes write up of this, and a few other bits here to whet the appetite) and what looks like a good amount but won't be anywhere near as such when the sun comes out to play of gracefully maturing (yes, maturing pink wine is a thing) Clos Cibonne

Dreams can come true...