💘 A Love Letter From France

by Megan Jones


Twice in a week... something must be wrong...

Apologies for the lateness, just been propping up a lopsided pallet of wine on the Kingsland Road. Times.

When you tell people (whether they asked or not) that you're in the wine biznezz, it conjures all sorts of images of reformative tastings deep in ancient European cellars or sunny days walking through vineyards as per the image below (just in case the imagination is waning this Thursday). All of the above is true, albeit interspersed by months of receiving boxes of bottles, unpacking bottles, putting bottles into new boxes and adding a label and sending them out to thirsty mouths. Oh yeah, and receiving pallets of wine. It is some life. 

DW, there is something in this for you too. A couple of weeks ago we went shopping in the Jura and Beaujolais. One of those unfortunate shopping trips where everything you see is great and needs to be bought. Phenomenal for the bank account, even more phenomenal for the mind, body, soul and mouth.

First off the lorry is the venerable George Descombes. I'm a long time fan, and it was disheartening at first to not find the wines available in the UK. But from broken hearts stem opportunity. The wines were as I recalled, elite. As was Georges. In classic old school French vigneron style he was standoffish at first, then relaxed into things in between flying to and from the cellar on his scooter, Vitel water carrier in hand laden with fresh bottles and back vintages. Quite a scene. What a guy, pulling off a hairsyle that gives hope to us follically challenged men (see below, it could be the new look of SS24). We'd love to recreate it a Londres one day soon. Anyway, less about my time and more about your wine. These are very much in the fresher, tonic like Gamay mould. There's ethereal qualities and pulsating acidity. If you like Lapierre, Foillard (in classic years) etc etc etc you'll froth on these. We're stoked to get him on board, I'm literally counting down the minutes until it would be socially acceptable to rip a cork out and have a glass over lunch. 

All wines are now available on the website here, and in both Dan's and Ken's if you're feeling like venturing out. No, your eyes don't deceive either, they are priced like it's 2019 and we haven't yet done the whole leave the single market thing to make things better... you're welcome, we got you.

This is the first of several such introductions, as I said, it was a busy trip for the wallet. I'm actually really jealous of those who get to try all this gear for the first time. 

Have a nice day.