9th June – 🚨 Thivin Rosé Is Back! + Fond Cyprès + Another Tasting 😏 + A Chillable Red Par Excellence!

by Megan Jones


Fair bit on! I've just returned from Gran Canaria where I managed the avoid the strip, catch some sun and also "taste" a fair amount of wine. A few lucky so and so's were fortunate to be invited out to Bodega Tamerán to revist the 2020s, taste the soon to be bottled 2021s and live, laugh, love in the sun. Perks of the job. These wines are ballistic. Riotous examples of local varieties, pulsating from the off. Honestly mind blown. There's a tiny amount available here for those who like nice things, and you'll hear far more when the new gear lands sometime in the hopefully not too distant future *prays to the divine God of shipping and logistics*.

I can't believe my eyes this morning, staring gleefully at a fat stack of Chateau Thivin Rosé as it gets piled up somewhere less than convenient in the shop. This signals the actual beginning of warmish times. A bit paler than the 2020, it's a wine that speaks of vintage. Racy, floral and fresh fruited. In a word, playful. Cannot wait to bust one open. This'll be pouring by the glass at dan's over the weekend. You're welcome. Grab some here for homelyf

Finally on the wine for drinking right now front. An absolute newbie. As much as it may seem like buying wine to sell is easy and full of tasting and chatting, it's harder than you think. So when someone comes in to drink a can of VB not once but twice, and also happens to have some wine to show, I am happy to oblige. Fortunately said wines are quite good... Welcome Fond Cyprès. Hailing from a farm warmer place than here, Corbières. It's a bit of a hotbed atm for environment conscious producers looking to make a splash. A land of organic farming and uncomplicated winemaking. I'm happy to offer a range that is destined for immediate chilling, and joyous consumption over the coming months. Both crowd pleasing in profile, and thought provoking if you feel like sticking your nose a bit further into the glass. Priced to move, and move they will. Make your move here.

Talking about wine destine to end up in the fridge, Clos du Tue-Boeuf Vin Rouge is back in stock... This absolutely flew out of the building when poured by the glass. So much so that the 24 bottles I'd got in lasted precisely 2 days. I'll try not to make that mistake again, I'm truly sorry. Grab some here, or don't, and probably regret it.