2nd June – 🌞 New Le Coste and Gramenon + London Delivery Info 🏃🚚🚀

by Megan Jones


Finally some sun! Good news for the cricket. 

I'll start at the end. Our lovely London couriers are working as usual this week. So, if you're in need of same day or next day refills, today, Friday or Saturday, you're in safe hands. For everyone else, we're taking a little break on on Monday, so anything ordered over the weekend will be shipped on Tuesday.

Onto some more tasty information...

It seems like 99% of people I know have been in and around Rome recently, consuming lots of pizza. This makes me jealous. So in response I've loaded up on some new wines from Le Coste. There's some serious fizz on offer here. Natural Sparklers that get treated more like Grower Champers than your every day Pet-Nat-Fizzy-Thing. There's a Bianco and a Rosato on offer, both of which I don't expect to last the month. Shame that. We just received some new Bianchetto too. This is like a more fresh and less grippy version of the Bianco. Perfect for converting noobs to the finer things in life. Grab some 'ere.

Moving to somewhere else I'd rather be... some 2021s from the one and only Domaine Gramenon have graced us with their presence. 2021 was a bit of a shocker globally for wine, with a bit more rain and a summer that never got going, but for those in warmer climes, this just means a bit more natural freshness. Good producers make good wines regardless of the vintage, it's just the structure and profile that'll change accordingly. And you don't get much better than Gramenon. Sierra du Sud Syrah is here, in all it's meaty, violet floral goodness, alongside a firm favourite, the Poignee de Raisin Grenache. Always a banger. These are two of my most eagerly awaited wines of the year for personal consumption. I've you've not sampled, they're definitely worth having a look at, and if you're already well acquainted, I doubt you need me to tell you to act. Off you go!

Finally, on the merch front. There's only 5 hand embroidered dan's caps left. See that sun? Time to be sun smart and also look good.

The shop and bar is open this long weekend! Here are the hours:

Thursday 1-11

Friday 1-11

Saturday 1-11

Heaps of good piss going. Come say hi.