8th March – Hi, Click Here 4 Energetic, Delicious Wines + Tasting Tickets + Caps + More 😈

by Megan Jones


How's tricks?

Last week I did a shit load of tasting, some of it good, some of it bad. It's nice to see things up and running again for real, having glasses thrust past your head as you take notes and ask a questions, splash back from amateur spitters hitting your shoes and the inevitable drunken fool from "that" restaurant who always gets like "this". Muppet. Anyway, in the midst of so much tantalising distraction I've managed to line up some gems. Pro-level tasting by me. I am so great. Enough about me, how 'bout these winez.

Say G'day to Balazu des Vaussieres. I may sound a bit broken-record-ish but l'Anglore vibes for a second month running. I was blown away by this trio. Pure vitality in a bottle. Sublime balance of fruit weight, garrigue, natural acidity and floral intrigue. No added SO2 yet these wines are squeaky clean. These should be required reading for wannabee natty winemakers. Get some here.

Continuing on with that required reading. Finally I can sell some Clos des Plantes. I consider myself to be a Merchant of High Quality Chenin™,  a badge that I proudly wear. So me being this, means me should really be offering these wines out instead of drinking them. Whakapiripiri Mai is a sublime expression. This is whole bottle to yourself kind of liquid. 

Staying in France, cus why not, I've just had some more goodies arrive from Maison en Belles Lies. I definitely didn't need to buy any more Burgundy, but I have an addiction to the best, so needs must. Natural Burgs done properly! Have a go here if you like the good life.

Now onto some Merch. Because who doesn't like Merch? Hand embroidered, ye, done by hand, caps for dan's. Painstaking works of individual art. Like a NFT that isn't a strange picture of an ape and actually has a practical use. Limited to 30. Navy Blue. They are being produced atm, and will start to ship next week. Be the first here.

Finally! Tonight I'm running a Jura tasting, and now I need to run off and grab some phat wheel of Comté. Which brings me to April's tasting. Bullshit good Chardonnay will be on the pour. Conversion tools en masse. Grab a spot, they usually go quick. Details below.

k bye.
ily xxx