3rd March – Thirstee Thursdee! Revisiting A Coupla Old Faves 😘

by Megan Jones


I write to you from Gatwick. It's 4:30am, I am living the dream! By the time you read this, sometime in the future, I'll be tumbling down a slope near Morzine. But it isn't all fun and games. This is work! As on Friday I'll be in the Jura prepping for next weeks tasting and just generally networking (read: drinking and eating). 

There's a tonne of new piss set to land, but because I'm a nice guy I'll go easy on Ed today as he's manning the shop, picking and packing etc etc etc All the glamourous things in wine. Let's revisit some favourites...

When I was really and truly getting into wine I bought a copy of Kermit Lynch's book, Inspiring Thirst. It really got me. Hopefully I can channel some of that energy in my current bleak environmentally affected, sleep deprived state.

Wanna drink something that's Chardy but doesn't really smell like Chardy or look like Chardy in the glass but is most certainly Chardy? Johan Meyer is a bit of a South African Wine Weapon. This is a tropical fruit laden, unfiltered goodie throbbing with personality and salty bite. It's a winner. Have this with roast chook, the kind that's got really crispy, salty skin. I'm salivating. Get one here.

One litre of Portuguese joy! Dirk Niepoort has been revolutionising the still wine scene over in the Iberian Peninsula for a while now, inspiring a whole throng of future classic producers. It's worth a deep dive. If you wanna shallow dive however this is the go-er. This is all about immediacy and translation of place. Both in my wheelhouse. Native grapes, carbonic ferment, no adulteration. It's a banger. Have a banger.

Ah, back to SA. A bit more classic this time. Crystallum! Peter Max! Dunno who that is but the namesake wine is a stunner. The 2020 was the best young Pinot I've tasted in quite a while. 2021 is here. Fresh off the boat. With a fancy wax seal to boot. So much to like here, screams for all things duck. Like fat pancakes and a tonne of hoisin... Go get those, and order one of these.

K. I think that's enough. I've got a flight to catch!

Orders by 2:30pm today if you want it for the weekend. Otherwise catch you in the bar. 

ily xxx