8th September – Hope You've Got A Thirst 😼 A Re-Stock From Oz

by Megan Jones


Most of the time these emails are sinchicated to write. Today's is even ez-er, it makes my life pretty cruisy, the fact that we only deal with delicious fermented goods. 

1stly. I added one more of those Rhône Fun Packs to the website, I know there were a few tears shed on Tuesday, so if you're quick...

Found me some more Ochota Barrels! Funny, seeing as it's just been released back home. Serendipitous even. One of those producers that has the ability to restore your faith in things after a day of tasting average gear. Amazing to think what Amber et al have been able to achieve considering all that's happened in the past 24 months in their world ❤️ If you missed out last time, then now's a good time to click. 

Over to Victoria, and old mate Luke Lambert. I've been loving these wines for as long as I can remember. The Chardy has been putting smiles on unsuspecting faces in the bar of late, and we've now got some Syrah to splash around. I should have bought more of this, it's off the charts good. Silly me. One of the best things you'll drink, ever. Be quick :)

Over to Italy. Radikon... A re-stock of both throw downs and litres, as well as a special new arrival. A small amount of '3781' from 2007. A BS bottling of single parcel Ribolla Gialla that gets a casual 10 years bottle maturation done before release. Fair enough, makes sense. If you want to test yourself then here's the op. 

Tonnes of other new things have arrived from the likes of La Sorga, Bobinet, Aguila, Gut Oggau, Ponce, Mee Godard.. how long have you got? So have a browz.

That's all from us. Usual things apply today. Order by 2:30pm and get it for the weekend if you're outside the big smoke. Inside the big smoke you can wait until tomorrow if you like waiting.