6th September – 😏😏 Cult Rhône Packs feat l'Anglore + Insanely Good Suertes del Marqués Releases!

by Megan Jones


It's finally red wine season. Finally. I was getting a bit sick of sunshine anyway. Hopefully everyone has made some room in their personal wine zones over the past few months as things are really about to get started. Like, seriously. 

My instagram feed is currently clogged with golf (because my better half is from Scotland so I decided I should play golf), pizza (because I have an idea cooking) and harvest pictures from all over the northern hemisphere (because it is harvest time). All of these things point to me buying an absurd amount of wine in the coming months, and then you guys getting to drink it. But less about me, and more about what I can do for you.

L'Anglore? Blows my mind that I've only just found some here in the UK. Someone must have really pissed off good old Eric at some point. The good news is we have Tavel and Lirac, the bad news is there's f**k all as one can imagine. Once I've taken my devils cut for "staff education" we're left with three bottles of each. So, we made some packs. The cult wine, alongside two others influenced by the big man, and offering similar levels of astounding purity. As you're probably aware from looking thorough the site, we don't really do filler, and these wines have been chosen for a very specific reason. Depending on the day, the l'Anglore might even end up being the worst bottle of the lot. Funny how that works. Three of each pack are available now, first in best dressed. Hurry. Honestly.

Hot on the heels of last weeks volcanic wine release comes another volcanic wine release. Suertes del Marques. Cue universal drooling. Having tasted these 2019's over new years and then again in June it brings me immense pleasure to have them sitting in the shop. From bottom to top it's a range that has pretty much everything I want in a wine. Acid laden freshness, crazy aromatics and proper structure. Wines of transportational quality. Individual notes are available on each wine by clicking here. There's too much to download on you all in this space. I think they're quite good. Tenerife. What a place. So much more than just Europeans in budgie smugglers.

K cya bye