27th October – Hi! Souhaut, Hughes-Beguet, Good Times 😱

by Megan Jones


That time of the week again. Thank the lord. How's the fridge looking? 

If depleted is your answer, then we have the answer. 

Freshies from France to chat about.

Herve Souhaut, remember him? It's been a while, too long if you ask me. A master manipulator of Syrah, who also happens to be semi-decent with Gamay. I'm a fan, some of this is going home with me, that's for certain. If you're into very well made, very tasty red wine then these are a sure thing. Have a crack here.

Patrice Beguet, remember him? Used to be a PC scientist then realised he liked being outside more so moved to the Jura and now makes stupidly drinkable wine. A tale as old as time. Loads of new stuff from this fella, including from his Big Bunch Theory range, a mishmash of very well grown fruit from top producers around France. Talk about everything being touched and turning to gold. Drink some gold by clicking here. 

ANND some fizz from the Loire. From my guy Chidaine no less. Brut Nature. 12 bottles only, then it's gone. Ciao. Grab one.

So you probably already know this but if you didn't, cut-off for pre-weekend delivery outside of London is 2:30pm Thursdee, but if you're in London you get Saturday delivery, as standard, amazing. 


Cya round xxx