by Megan Jones


Pretty grim out, but my lord it's looking good in here. Picture yourself surrounded by cases of delicious red wine from all corners of the globe and you're somewhere close to my reality at present. Luckily for you all, I love to both move boxes of wine around a room as well as pack them and pass them onto lovely couriers who are able to deliver them to your doorstep quickly and conveniently. It's a dream scenario. Tell your mates.

I've been shopping, with a vengeance. Here's the pick on this fine Tuesdee mornin.

Bret Brothers r back. More known in these parts for their scintillating whites out of the Macon, there's a deft touch on show with some enviably well grown fruit in Beaujolais also. Two new wines then, Men in Bret and Glou de Bret. Both are playful, individual expressions that have a bit under the bonnet for those who go looking but are mostly about joie de vivre. Much needed. They scream Sunday lunch. One of my favourite producers. Have a crack here.

VIETTI! Autumn is peak Piemonte time IMHO, and few get it right like Luca. If you want to sip on something, close your eyes and imagine you're truffle hunting in the sub-Alps of Italy then these are the ticket. They're shifting in-store so if you want in, I'd make moves. Move here.

Last but not least, more Robinot! I've just taken my last lot of Nocturne before the cooler months fully set in. A bit more time to settle in bottle has done this absolute wonders, it's really starting to tick along nicely. Limited stock avails here.

have a good one

Cya round xxx