21st June – A Jurassic Re-Stock + Mas Coutelou + Last Call 4 Tasting Tix! 👀

by Megan Jones


Firstly, thanks to those who came last Thursday night to sample the fine wares of Momento. Judging from the amount of time spent washing up, polishing glasses and cleaning, everyone had a simply wonderful time! What's better is that there's another one this week! When it rains, it pours, as they say. A regular handful of spots are left. Tickets at the bottom of this extremely well written email, or on the website if you cbf reading more of my ramblings.

Great news on the wine front today, to be followed by more great news on the wine front later this week! We'll start with today's news, seeing as it is today, and I'm really excited. 

😊 New Peggy Buronfosse 🤪 Regular readers will be well informed regarding my not so secret love affair with these wines. A few smart drinkers busted some open over the weekend down at dan's, which made me think, surely it's new release time. And sure enough, it is. So it's positively raining shit hot piss down at the shop today. More Chardonnay, Savagnin, Trousseau and Pinot Noir than I know what to do with. Except, I do know what to do with it, and so do you. They need thoughtful consumption, potentially even thoughtful cellaring, but let's be honest, it's most likely to be riotous splashing around. Load up here. I'll be getting as much as I can for as long as I can, so never fear if today's not your day, I will look after you. 

Remaining in France, which sounds quite nice. 

Good Old Jeff Coutelou is up to old tricks, releasing even more wine. It's a second coming of Classe and Les Vins des Amis for 2022, this time joined by a new bottling of skin fermented Muscat d'Alexandria. These are the kind of wines that make you wanna just fire up the grill, ignore the sign in the park that says no BBQ here, and absolutely get a sweat on. Full on red wine in the esky served out of plastic cups vibes. This is the last lot I'll have until next year, so do what you do best, right here.

That's it for today, as I said, way more things coming later in the week. Things that require effortless building on the website...