16th June – Thirsty Thursdays... 🔥 Do you Robinot? + New World Exotics 2 Pair With UK Sunshine 🌞

by Megan Jones


Finally, the first annual "sun's got some bite" remark. Finally. Have you, like me, been shedding wine from the fridge just as fast as you've been shedding layers? That's totally fine because it's summer and because we can help you, wine wise. Cut-Off for Friday delivery outside of London is 2:30pm today, but if you're in London never fear because we also deliver Saturdays as standard. We are just nice like that. 

A bit of free advice. Put as much of your wine in the fridge as humanly possible before serving in the coming months. All styles and colours. It's way easier to let a wine come up to a temperature you like than it is to cool one down when you've opened it too warm. This especially goes for the minimal intervention gear. Heat is not your friend.

Oki Doki. 


Natty Iconz don't come much more Iconic than this. Always a release that's eagerly awaited, the booze is finally ready to go. As usual, bugger all to go around. More detailed notes are available on each of the wine's personal pages but essentially it's business as usual. Astounding levels of intensity offset but rapier like acid lines. The 2021 Les Anées Folles fizzer is a tad volatile, so open it slowly and give it plenty of air. BONZA! Grab what you can here if it's not already gone.

A bit of trendy New World gear has just showed up. New World meaning where I'm from as well as anything else that's not crusty old Europe. 

Luke Lambert. Under the radar. He's a quiet bloke, making some of the best Chardonnay available anywhere that you don't have to spend £££'s to buy or join any allocation lists. These are mineral laden, naturally produced wines that now show a bit more flesh. This is a good thing. Think topped up Jura from a producer that favours a bit of ripeness (Tissot anyone?). I always buy this for personals. Try one, for Luke, for Me, For You.

And from our good friends in the Land of the Free... Arnot-Roberts and Jolie-Laide. Boundary pushing anti-rank-overoaked-Napa Cab producers working with high altitude, coastal influenced fruit. It's a joy to drink/sell these wines. 

I'll start with the Arnot-Rob's. Some Rose and Ribolla Gialla has arrived. Oddities in the best sense. The Pink wine being a melange of Iberian varieties, full of personality and with a presentation that just begs for an ice bucket and a cork screw. The Ribolla is a more serious proposition, crying out for a long lunch. Sounds terrible. Have a look here. They also make shit-hot Chardonnay and Syrah. All bases.

Finally, because there's nothing we want more at the moment than a red wine for chilling, some Gamay and Syrah from Jolie-Laide. Not only are these some of the prettiest labels you are likely to see, they are also some of the most effortless to consume wines that are likely to pass your lips. Don't believe me? I don't blame you. Try some for yourself!