by Megan Jones

What’s up winos, 

Bet you didn’t have as good a weekend as I did! Had a fancy lunch chez some fancy place, got some freebies (I luv being famous), sank a bottle of this, then had a fancy afternoon snack chez Ken’s and sank a bottle of Labet (they still have some of those over at Ken’s, run don’t walk, etc) then was dragged against my will over to Dan’s, where I sank a bottle of this. No seriously, I was manhandled off the bus which I thought was taking me home but was actually taking me back to work. Not that I did any work. Drinking champagne on a Saturday is not work.

Anyway. This rapidly turning weather (y’all see 20 degrees on Saturday? I know it was somewhat offset by the hurricane that came with it but still, how good is it to be drinking outside again?) has me in the mood for some chilled red. It’s the perfect shoulder season wine, when you’re not quite ready to let go of the beefy reds of winter and you’re not quite ready for rose. Seriously, who invented the chilled red? Get that girl a medal, whoever she is. 

The grapes of everyone’s favourite region, ~the Jura~, are excellent candidates for being given a little chill. Recent bangers include the La Bole Trousseau from Domaine la Grapp’A, crunchy and mineral yet still structured, this Ploussard from Domaine de la Borde whose name I’m not even going to try and spell, sour and plummy and oh so yummy (heh), or if you like to walk on the wild side, try this Poulsard (why did I spell it Ploussard the first time and Poulsard the second time? Idk, take it up with France) from Domaine des Marnes Blanches. Me and Fionn smashed one of these that fateful night where the bar shutter broke and we had to wait around for some slightly sus guys to roll up and fix it. Despite the stressful circumstances, it was deeeelish, almost rosato in style, with fruity funkiness in spades. 

Elsewhere in France, you can’t go wrong with a chilled Beaujolais. Beaujolais was actually my first intro to the idea that you don’t have to serve red wine at room temperature (wish I hadn’t been so aggressively emphatic on that point to the person who taught me this, but whatever, live n learn). Desjourneys is one of many kings of Bojo, and his entry level red is primo territory. Bouland’s another one, and he’s got cuvees coming out of his ears, so you’re spoilt for choice. Or maybe you’re after something wackier, in which case Yann Bertrand’s your man. Only right answers here.

No shortage of chillable options in Italy, either. Whether you prefer a slightly wild Montepulciano, a briney Aglianico, or a carbonic Aleatico, the Italians have you covered. If you wanna go really wild, try this one from Lammidia, although given its zero/zero nature I’d advise drinking it in one sitting. Not usually something I have an issue with (my dad gave me a wine stopper for Christmas and I was like lol, what am I supposed to use this for) but just in case you have more self control than me, be warned. 

Australia’s another good one for the chillers, probably because over there is like living on the surface of the sun so all wine has to be served chilled otherwise you’ll spontaneously combust. Giant Steps’ LDR is a lovely candidate for something with slightly more structure, or this white n red blend from Jumping Juice is just the ticket if you want something more light on. If you’re after complexity, contemplate this blend from Momento Mori. Much to think about here, or not, if you’re not that way inclined.

So go forth, my children! Chill those reds! You’re welcome, etc.

Love u!