by Megan Jones

Hey, Fionn again.

Again coming to you with some serious back pain. Last week it was the warehouse reshuffle, this week it was four pallets of wine. Yes, four! No rest for the wicked… All worth it so we can bring you the cream of the crop :)

Recently I’ve been guilty of going straight to the top shelf, but this week I’ll be showing some love to wines that offer value, punching above and beyond their price tags.

Firstly, this gem from the Savoie has arrived just in time for spring sippin’. Loaded with alpine joy, clean as a whistle, and with a sprinkle of herbal charm. A bit like skiing in the sun. Perfect for those brief moments when the sun decides to show itself.

Another zippy number right here. Alsace IMO is often overlooked, probably because of neighbouring regions getting all the good press. Luckily this underappreciation means the wines are often bargains. Old vines bring serious concentration. Citrus-laden and full of orchard goodness before a long, BONE DRY, mineral finish. Sign me up.

If that wasn’t enough Domaine Stoeffler also make a complex yet approachable amber-hued delight. The muscat gives us those florals whilst the Pinot Gris gives stunning colour and tangerine pith aplenty. Feu Follet is everything I love about skinsy things. Immediate and aromatic whilst having the texture and whispery tannin to back it all up. For fans of the Fruili style at a fraction of the price, nice.

Also some new gear from our good pal Oriol. I tasted these at a rather large wine tasting… Truthfully, with so many wines to taste you can burn out quick. There is only so much your palette can take before you just want an ice-cold beer right? Anyway, after doing the laborious rounds I stumbled across this man's table. The wines were a breath of fresh air! So refreshing that the spittoon was surplus to requirement. If that’s not a seal of approval, I’m not sure what is. This is undeniably delicious. White and red grapes come together for not quite a rose, not quite an orange. Who cares when it tastes this good. Sour, saline, and a little silly but in the best possible way. Large pours, please.

The flagship of the range falls into the light skinsy/natty white zone. Lean, zippy and you guessed it, refreshing. Begging for something salty but just as happy going solo. If you’re after pure refreshment, you just can’t beat ORIOL ARTIGAS. Check out the full range. Low in ABV, wallet-friendly, and delicious. No excuses for not going to town.

If you do want to splash the cash, then we topped up on some Chatillon gear yesterday. Words are unnecessary but I will say I’d move quickly to avoid any disappointment.

Also topped up on some Macle. Firmly old school and oxy. Classics for a reason. Cheese and a bit of patience with this and this is non-negotiable.

If you made it this far, I’ll tip you off that we might have some rare *highly allocated* hype landing soon. Let me just say, if I were you I’d have notifications on Insta turned on and those trusty credit cards at the ready…

Anyway, I’ll catch you all next week!

Peace + Love