by Megan Jones

What’s up winos,

Anyone else feeling Les Miserables at the moment? I always thought seasonal depression was a myth, then this year came. Maybe coz we never got a summer? Either way, I was feeling pretty blue. WAS. Then the Jura drop came. Perked right up.

A fair amount has already jogged straight out the door, but there are a few bits and pieces still hanging out on the website - a couple of Bornard Chardonnays, for example, and a teeny tiny amount of Cavarodes. For those in the know, these wines need no introduction, so I won’t waste your time. For those new to the Jura, you could do a lot worse in terms of starting points than either of these. Better run tho, these wines don’t normally hang around for long. I’m surprised they’re still here at all, tbh, so let’s all capitalise on this glitch in the Matrix and get shopping.

Speaking of glitches, every time I open the warehouse door (which is approximately twenty five thousand times a day, given my propensity for forgetting to transport one of my seventeen pairs of keys/mobile phones between there and the bar on the daily) I’m shocked to find myself still staring at a shelf full of Tissot. What, are you guys saving up for something?! If they’re still here in a week I’m gonna start going to town on them, and you don’t want that. Mostly coz then you’d have to read me whining about not having any money coz I had to buy all the Tissots. Have a heart. Help a girl out. 

Also hot off the random Jura bits and pieces press - this hectically oxy Chardonnay from Domaine des Marnes Blanches, aka the only one of their cuvees I could wrestle from the importer for the rest of the year, probably. This is crying out for a fat slab of Comte and some ponderous conversation. YOU. It’s crying out for YOU. 

On a slightly weirder Jura note, we got this bottling from Domaine de la Pinte in a little while ago, but she got a bit overlooked in the inundation of new products we’ve been spoiling you guys with lately, so now’s her time to shine. It’s skinsy Savagnin, which tbh you’re either into or you’re not, but if you are into it, this is the one to beat. Spicy, citrusy and seriously, seriously intense. Don’t let the low-key label fool you, this will blow your head off. 

Feeling peppier now? I know I am! Race ya to the checkout.

C u on Thurs at Beaujolais day! If you haven’t got your ticket yet, time’s a-wasting. Last few here. Cmon now.