22nd December – 😈 Last Call 4 London + Egly-Ouriet + High End USA + Vocoret

by Megan Jones


The back feels like I've been thrown through a table, WWE style, off the top rope, but that's why we do it!

The time has now passed for guaranteed delivery outside of London pre-Xmas. Whilst we'll still ship, and in all likelihood things will be delivered on Friday, it's not something we can bank on. So there's that.

In London it's an entirely different story. We're operating as usual, even better than usual in fact. You have until 4pm on Friday to order, and it'll still be delivered in time for Santa to have a glass or two. Amazing. No you are!

Why stop there! Things keep coming in, so they may as well keep going out...

All things fizzy are looking pretty bloody good from where I'm sitting, especially now we've finally added some Egly-Ouriet to the mix. An extremely limited amount of Les Vignes de Vringy arrived yesterday. Do your worst. 

Something decent to come out of the States... are the wines Domaine de la CoteSandhi and Arnot-Roberts. We have them all, albeit in, you guessed it, limited quantities.

Also a tiny restock of the stunning Chablis from Eddy and Eleni Vocoret. The next big thing in those parts. Winez are ripping. Again, not heaps 2 go around!

We'll be taking a break from posting wine for a few days over Christmas, with normal service resuming on the 28th, in time for New Years.

Dan's is open today and Friday until 11pm if you're local and feeling thirsty or just wanna have a chat. 

 Cya round xxx