by Megan Jones

Hey kids, what’s happenin?

Megan here, with a head full of cold. Just when the sun had started shining and the birds had started singing as well. Bummer.

No tales from South Africa this week, that ship has sailed, that flight has flown, etc. Not much to report from life currently, as it turns out. Spent all weekend pre-cold counting stock and pouring glasses. Doing my job, in other words. Lucky for you (and me), my job is wine, so I’ve still got plenty to say. Let’s dive in to what I’ve been pouring, shall we?

Had some guys in over the weekend (hiya, if you’re reading this!) who wanted some red options, so I provided. One classic, one slightly mental, one mental mental. They chose the middle road – 7 Fuentes from Suertes del Marques. So good – smoky, mineral, stinks when you pull the cork out, but the real ones know that means it’s gonna be a ripper. Came to check in on them half an hour later and two of them were glugging it down. The other one admitted he’d bitten off more than he could chew and wanted to run back to the safe arms of Foillard’s Beaujolais-Villages. He asked me what the mental mental option tasted like, if this was the middle one. Terror in his eyes. I decided not to tell him. Didn’t want him to have nightmares. I’ll tell you though – it was Aunis from Bobinet. Floral, spicy, beautiful colour, but yes, a little mental. Can you handle it??

Also got my chops around this little number from Keller, thanks to a nice pair of gentlemen who felt like sharing their bottle with me on a breezy Sunday afternoon. Chardonnay x Weissburgunder, aka Pinot Blanc, aka fast becoming my favourite grape. My favourite grape – god, listen to me. If six months ago me could hear me talking now, she’d punch me in the face. Whatever. I can take her. Back to Keller. This wine is pure bliss – rounded, textural, creamy, dreamy. The longer I talk about it the longer I’m keeping you from buying it, so that’s all on that one.

New recruit Tom (not so new, these days) and I cracked open some La Sorga last week, who’s a producer I’ve had my beady eyes on since I started slinging wine full time last year. He didn’t disappoint. We made the mistake of opening it on what turned out to be yet another insanely busy night at the bar (keep it coming guys!) so it sat abandoned in the fridge for a good few hours… all the better. When we finally pulled it out again, that first ice cold sip… let me tell you, it was enough to turn an atheist into a believer in a higher power. My serving suggestion therefore is to drink it one sip at a time straight from the fridge. Don’t take too long though, La Sorga wines are so natty they only really last one day once you’ve popped the cork. So you’d better start early. We had the Cuvée à Freux which is sadly sold out (my bad) but you can get your mitts on some of his other bottles, which are bound to kick ass as well.

Last rec from me is one of Yves Péron’s offerings, which I recommended to some very exacting customers who knew what they wanted, and you know what, I came through. Or Yves did. Team effort, I reckon. Seeing their faces light up when they had their first drink of it made me hark back to when I’d just started working here and the only wine I would ever recommend was Chasing Rabbits, coz I had no idea what I was talking about. No shade to Chasing Rabbits, but we’ve got like eight hundred bottles in the shop. These days, I’d say I’m getting pretty good at this.

Have a cracking weekend and please pray for the safe return of my tastebuds xoxo