by Megan Jones

What’s up winos,

Fun fact! I had to google ‘rizz slang meaning’ to come up with the title of this email. Can you say boomer?

Megan here, fresh off a, um, ‘relaxing’ weekend with my family oop north. I sent some bottles ahead so we’d be stacked for the three days, and everyone was gasping and clutching their pearls when it transpired I’d brought 15. Less gasping after night one when we already needed to top them up. Think the final body count was 25. Between how many people, you ask? Hmm, better keep that under wraps. Let’s just say my interest in wine has definitely been proven to be hereditary.

Anyway. While it might be a while before I think about drinking wine again (a while, a day, whatever), you probably have more of a handle on yourself, so I don’t want to deprive you of the good stuff. Today the good stuff mostly takes the form of Riesling (Rizza, geddit?), to my mind one of the most noble grapes around. We’ve got nobility in spades here, people.

First up we’ve got the bargain bangers that are Julian Haart’s wines. His were some of the first I tried when I started working chez Natty Boy, and after a long break they’re finally back on our shelves, and I’m ecstatic to see them. His Haart Riesling rides that line between creamy and bone-dry with ease, and his Mosel Riesling (sidenote: why can’t Riesling producers throw a gal a bone and name their wines more clearly? Julian Haart’s Haart Riesling. Julian Haart’s Mosel Riesling. Haart Mosel’s Julian Riesling. What?!) is a gorgeous acid bomb, dry as you like with a mouthwateringly long finish. If you’re a longtime Riesling girlie or just kicking off your journey, these are well worth a look.

A step up the pricing scale are the wonderful wines of Clemens Busch, (unofficial, voted by me) king of Riesling. I was lucky enough to visit his vineyard on a trip with Indigo Wines last year, and it was a truly beautiful experience which you can read all about here, if you’re looking for some procrastination on this fine Tuesday. I’m so glad we’re bringing in a wider range of his wines (of which, again, like most Riesling producers, there are approximately 200,000,000,000). The Marienburg GG Falkenlay is the wine I distinctly remember writing OH MY GOD, DELICIOUS next to on my tasting sheet (it was also the eleventh wine we’d tasted by that point so my notes were getting a tad less detailed and a tad more histrionic, but the point still stands), and the Marienburg GG Rothenpfad is chock full of minerality that keeps his signature ripping acid in check. The Marienburg GG (do you see what I mean about these names!) is complex as anything, sharp lime and grapefruit at the core with a dusting of smoke and herbs, and the Marienburg GG Fahrlay comes off some of his oldest vines, so it’s concentrated and structured as anything. These are serious no-brainer wines. I’ll race u to the checkout. If you prefer your Rizza with a touch of sparkle, check out this bottling from Peter Lauer, who uses extended lees ageing to set his fizz apart from the simple, sugary Sekt you can often get from these parts. A little stone fruited, a little bready, a lot delicious.

Rounding us out today with a couple new purchases from the Jura (coz is there ever a week where we don’t bring anything in from the Jura) - this Savagnin from Domaine de la Loue was easily one of my top wines from last year, which I brought to a dinner party with some of my Natty Boy pals, at the end of which, like the dorks we are, we lined up the bottles in order of preference. Guess who won? Guess who actually beat out the Ganevat I also brought? That alone should make you want to grab a bottle, but in case you need more - this is freshness personified, almost seaweed-esque in its salinity with a gorgeous dash of nuts and spice. This is proper stuff. Also proper stuff: this Pinot from Domaine Ratapoil. A proper cherrybomb, the sweet fruit balanced by a very pleasant stemminess coming from the whole bunches they use. Seriously complex but also seriously yum. 

I could go on, but I’m still recovering from my four day family bender so I need to go drink an Innocent smoothie. Remember those? They were legit.

Love u!