by Megan Jones

Hey, Fionn again.

As I write this the sun is shining and the shelves are overflowing. A happy place. As with most weeks, we’ve continued to take in more top-tier booze. I hope you all like Burgundy. Who doesn’t like Burgundy?

Starting up top with our good pal Chablis and a healthy drop of Droin. Doing the god's work for centuries these guys know a thing or two about Kimmeridgean soil. Consistency and quality are guaranteed. If you’ve never drunk Chablis, I’m sorry. This is a nice place to start. Textbook and will have you craving for the cru stuff. Doubling down on minerality here with a proper oyster-shell thing going on. Oyster season (Sept-April) is nearly over so I recommend stocking up on these, visiting your fishmonger, and to get shuckin’. This catches a lot of sun, so is a bit more generous on the fruit. Finally, THIS is for fans of the Cote d'Or. 

If you're a baller, then ball out on this gear from Lamy. White Burgs par excellence. Things somehow manage to get even better here and here. Treat yourself, you deserve it.

Bit of Pinot from the highly allocated and silly limited Dandelion. Exceptional stuff from Aussie Christian Knott and Morgane Seuillot, a native Burgundian. They met at Christian’s espresso cart at the Saturday market in Beaune and the rest is history! I think the painstaking work that goes into the labels reflects the quality you’ll find in the glass. Paper from an old school mill in the Auvergne is pressed with flowers and herbs that grow amongst the vines. Morgane cuts and stamps them herself. Her handwriting and drawings make up the imagery. If this is the effort that goes into the labels, imagine the work going into the wines...

On steep slopes of the Hautes, the vineyards are worked by horse and hand. In the cellar, no pumping, no filtering, no sulphur. Christian’s day job is at the elite Chandon de Briailles (FLEX). Words can’t do them justice. Because we’re both good and kind we got more of the Hautes here. Also secured their top wine AUBE. Only made in the best years, you can’t miss this. Show these the love they deserve.

Finally, some Berthaut-Gerbet. These always over-deliver. The house style now is all about elegance. Sulfur use is minimal, spraying is done sparingly. Yep, that’s right. Don’t judge a book by its cover! 2021 was cool and this brings a bright acidity making for excellent drinking now. Cellaring these is also no biggie. A ‘19 here, from a warmer but also great vintage, fleshed out in bottle and in the sweet spot. If you’re a baller then a Vosne-Romanée. Considering this is VR, this is wickedly gd value.

Sorry, 4 the long one. I'm just positively ecstatic about Burgundy atm, my poor wallet.