by Megan Jones

What’s up winos,

Megan here, coming to you on this most holy day of rest. Or is that Sunday? Whatever. I’m interrupting your peaceful Saturday morning because THIS. IS. IT. If you don’t live in London, Monday is the LAST day you can get your orders in for a guaranteed pre-Xmas delivery. I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas (I’m sure that me being a Grinch will come as a SHOCK to all of you), but what always gets me through the szn is top drawer piss. So don’t miss out. I’m spending my weekend lifting weights getting me ready to pack my butt off on Monday, so put me to work. I’m ready.

In slightly less aggressive, capitalised news, since I’m something of a ~personality~ in the wine world now (in my dreams, at least), I thought you guys would be keen to hear my countdown of my top three wines of the year. I’ve drunk more quality wine this year than in my entire life combined (although shout out to last summer’s festival boxed wine, 4eva in my heart) so lucky for you, these are all fresh in my memory, soon to be fresh in your shopping cart. Get a cup of tea, this is gonna be more exciting than the Oscars. I was even going to do a ‘gone but not forgotten’ section where I wang on about wines we no longer have in stock, but that would just bum everyone out, including me.

Coming in at a respectable third place is Trenzado by Suertes del Marques. I first tried this wine back in January of this year, when I had some friends in town and wanted to show off how cool my workplace was and how much I knew about wine. Fell at the first hurdle when one of my friends asked for a ‘smoky white wine’ like one she’d had in Reims the previous weekend. Back then I was only two months into learning anything about wine beyond cork = good, screwcap = bad (not even true, btw) so I was stumped, and losing street cred by the minute. Luckily Dan was floating around, and stepped up to the plate with this beauty. If you haven’t had the pleasure, now’s the time. Autumn whites, remember?? (I know it’s not autumn.) This is smoky to the max, mineral, textured, rich, delicious. U won’t regret it.

This year’s runner up is one of our latest arrivals, this Chardonnay from Marco Lubiana. Sampled just this past Monday, it blew most other things I’ve tried this year out of the water. I was planning on going home after a long day of breaking down cardboard into smaller pieces of cardboard, but was talked into staying for a few by my esteemed colleagues Fionn and Gabriel. And thank God, or I might have missed this one. Beautifully rich fruit, salinity, acid off the charts. Hello, new world! I see you!

And in first place… it’s gotta be Les Pommards from Jessica Litaud. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember the first time I drank this. As in I remember when it was, I just don’t… remember it. It was on a particularly raucous staff night out where we crashed into Noble Rot on a Monday night and generally made nuisances of ourselves (RIP those Zaltos, sorry etc). But I DO remember the second time I drank it, at the soft launch of our fancier little brother, Ken’s. Had the pleasure of sharing my table with Dan’s parents who were in from Oz for the occasion (stone cold legends, by the way) and we cracked a bottle of this. This is so chiselled, Jessica really showing off what she learned from Sir Ganevat. Nutty, saline, ripe-fruited… everything that made me fall in love with Chardy. Go on, fall in love this Christmas. 

Speaking of Christmas, if you’re really cutting it fine getting your presents this year, why not chuck someone a Natty Boy Wines giftcard? The perfect last minute present for your favourite wino. Or perhaps a giftcard for Dan’s? Or even Ken’s? All three??

That’s it from me! Looking forward to packing all your juicy orders on Monday.

Love u, Merry Xmas, etc