by Megan Jones

Hey, Fionn again this Thursday.

I hope you are enjoying this nice weather we are long overdue!

Been a busy week over here with the warehouse move coming along nicely, a great orange wine tasting on Tuesday eve and the non-stop deliveries as per usual. Just when I thought this week couldn’t get any better we had some very highly sought after wines land. A dazzling array of cuvées from François Rousset Martin to be precise. We were very very fortunate to receive a tiny, and I mean tiny, allocation of these and I am over the moon that we have the opportunity to share these truly special wines with you.

We literally received one or two bottles of each cuvee so no time for dwindling, skip this email and get to the checkout now. These wines are buy-on-sight. I really believe that these are some of the finest coming from the Jura. Maybe I’m biased as we share the same initials but I think the scarcity of these wines is a testament to how delicious these are. Once in a lifetime kinda wines, treat yourself, you know you want to.

François is based out of Nevy-sur-Seille, a lesser-known little village in the Jura that is undiscovered and wild. A rich natural habitat with huge limestone and marl cliffs shadowing over sloping vineyards where livestock graze and snooze away the days. Sounds idyllic, right? Also sounds like a pretty nice spot for making some incredible wines.

Firstly, we have a handful of different Savagnin cuvées, all made in the 'ouillé' or topped-up style. The Perrieres 2018 is grown over marl and is explosive and flinty before that steely reduction blows off to reveal something incredibly pretty. The Vigne aux Dames 2019 is from some of the older vines and creates a powerful wine with a finish that never seems to end. Whilst, the Cuvée du Professeur 2018 is racy yet rich, umami-driven with a supple creamy texture. Would do wonders alongside a whole heap of food.

Chardonnay fans fear not as we’ve got you covered too. Croix Sarrant 2018 is rich and yeasty whilst still somehow managing to remain clean, bright, and elegant at the very same time. Divine. The 2019 is also an absolute belter and straddles the fine line between power and precision just as well. Gravieres is from a 60-year-old parcel which makes for an incredibly complex wine year after year with a beautiful citrus character balanced out by subtler notes of brioche and stone fruit. The 2019 saw minute yields which brings a bit more ripeness but it's still ever so fresh thanks to that tingly acid we all know and love from the Jura.

Red fans you are in luck too! 909 is a Jurassic Pinot of the highest order with its ever-so-inviting nose of wild cherries and pomegranates. Another red Berbe Fleurie, this time in the form of Gamay. A negoce cuvee from IMO one of the most slept on Cru’s. Floral on the nose with a nice juicy body. Seriously good. Aligato, another negoce in the form of Aligote from neighbouring Burgundy. Minerality and salinty at the fore thanks to the FRM treatment.

Just when you thought that was it... A couple more trad oxy styles. Both spent four years sous voile. For those new to Jura, this means ‘under a veil’ essentially they don’t top up the barrels allowing for a layer of flor to form just like they do in Jerez for Sherry. This means you have a whole lot of nutty savouriness going on. Savagnin's signature pulsating acid helps keep things flowing whilst the Chardonnay’s ripe fruit helps to balance out those oxiditative notes.

Enough reading, get buying!