• Wine 4 Dummies: Week Four - Red Wine

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Wine 4 Dummies: Week Four - Red Wine

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Don't know your Gamay from your Grenache? Think red wine has to be teeth-staining ink? This one's 4 u.

Join red wine girlie Robyn for an afternoon of education, discussion, and drinking, obvs. She'll be explaining the myriad ways you can mess about with red grapes in the vineyard and the winery to create a vast range of different styles, while you glug four tasting glasses from the Natty Boy collection and heckle her with questions. There might even be prizes. You'll have to come and see. 10 spots only, get 'em while they're hot.

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Location: Dan's, 2-4 Tottenham Road, N1 4BZ

Sunday 26th May


Tickets £40

4 wines + a ton of information


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