• Wine 4 Dummies, Euro Edition: Week Three - Spain

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Wine 4 Dummies, Euro Edition: Week Three - Spain

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Wine 4 Dummies is back, baby! And this time we're going all ~European. We're smoking Vogues, talking with our hands and going topless at the beach. Heh. Not so much, but we will be drinking a lot of their wine. Brexit who?

Just in case August turns out to be as sucky as June, this week will be bringing the SUN. Robyn will be chatting all things Spanish, from Rioja to Galicia, and maybe even a quick pitstop in the Canary Islands, while you glug four tasting glasses and heckle her with questions. Bueno? Sí

Here are the details:

Location: Dan's, 2-4 Tottenham Road, N1 4BZ

Tuesday 20th August 


Tickets £40

4 wines + a ton of information


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