• The Dalston Wine Mile 2.0

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The Dalston Wine Mile 2.0

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It's Back, We're Back, Binch are Back, People's are Back, Weino BIB is in. Will you be?

Here's the gist. Dan's, People's Wine, Binch and Weino BIB will be throwing their doors open on Sunday the 14th of May for an afternoon wine crawl of unheard of proportions. 

Each ticket grants you entry as part of a select group of lucky individuals who will be offered glasses of the good stuff. Good stuff only. Because you're worth it.

How It's Gonna Work

We'll have a shotgun start, with each group of 25 kicking things off at a different bar. You'll spend 40 mins or so knocking back multiple delicious wines, firing off questions and having a good time before rolling onto the next place.

Tickets are limited to 100, with 25 people in each group, starting at a separate venue. Then trotting around. 

Comfortable shoes are recommended.


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