• .... Parched + Dan's present: A Night with Wasted Wine Club

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.... Parched + Dan's present: A Night with Wasted Wine Club

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We're pumped to have our warehouse neighbour and all around gr8 guy Angelo from Wasted Wine Club, down with us for the evening, and you should be too. 

Wasted Wine Club was started to combat waste in the wine industry. Angelo works with small producers who have surplus or excess wine and bottles it for them, puts a jazzy label on it, and sells it on to consumers to make sure every drop of that precious liquid gets to the thirsty people it was designed to reach. But the wine isn't just sloppy seconds - with bottlings from such legends as Intellego and Jolie-Laide, this is proper stuff, and it would be criminal to let it go begging. Angelo's out here doing the lord's work, basically. Come hang with us for the night while he talks us through the brand's ethos and pours generous glasses of the wines he's rescued, just 4 u.

Here are the details:

Dan's - 2- 4 Tottenham Rd, N1 4BZ

Tuesday 30th July


Tickets £40ea

4 wines + light snacks

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