• Nights at the Large Table: Cheeze Dreamz

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Nights at the Large Table: Cheeze Dreamz

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Natty Boy + dan's + Jumi present...

Wine + cheese. A classic, just like us.

Our pals down at Jumi will be dropping by with four of their favourite fromages, and we'll be pouring wines that pair perfectly with them. Spoiled much?

Monday 17th April. Yep, you read that right. We do Mondays now. 6.30-8pm, then normal bar bizniz til 10. Start your week off right. 

£50 a head, 30 heads only. Be one of the heads.

Here's what's on the taste

Cantina della Volte, BrutRosso

Fabrice Dodane, RTT

Radikon, Slatnik

Bonneau, Les Rouliers

We don't play around.


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