• Labet Party Pack #14 ft. Chardonnay 'Les Varrons' 2020
  • Labet Party Pack #14 ft. Chardonnay 'Les Varrons' 2020


    Labet Party Pack #14 ft. Chardonnay 'Les Varrons' 2020

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    The fairest way to share the Labet love.

    How to stop our tiny allocation of Labet disappearing into the pockets of collectors who'll buy one bottle and then disappear into the sunset? How to sell these incredibly hard-to-get wines equitably and to customers who've supported Natty Boy since it was being run out of a Big Yellow Storage unit? Like this!

    You'll get one bottle of Labet, plus two mystery bottles handpicked by us according to your exacting specifications. So you get your Labet, yay, you get to support your friendly neighbourhood wine shop, yay, and maybe even discover a new fave producer. Yay. Everybody wins. Much better than jacking the price by 500% so only the millionaires can get them, IMO.

    Here's what you get:

    1 x Labet Chardonnay 'Les Varrons' 2020

    2 x mystery wines hand-picked according to your taste

    Please leave notes about your mystery wine preferences upon purchase.


    Please note that due to scarcity of these wines, no further discounts apply.

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