• Françoise Martinot, 'Bistrøtage B11' Rosé NV


Françoise Martinot, 'Bistrøtage B11' Rosé NV

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Place: Champagne, France

Grape: Pinot Noir

Vibe: Foodie

A blend of various expressions and sites of Pinot Noir across the Côte des Bar, with the base wine coming from the 2011 vintage. 70% of the grapes are pressed, 20% vinified and whole bunches and the last 10% is reserve wine from 2010 and 2011, with the final blend ageing for three more years in barrel before tirage. Sheesh, complicated or what? Makes sense then that it translates into a wine of incredible complexity and depth. Roasted quince, bergamot and marzipan mingle on the palate with notes of brioche bringing us home. Foodie Champagne par excellence. ABV: 12%

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