• Domaine Valma, Fleurie Lieu-Dît 'Les Labourons' 2022


Domaine Valma, Fleurie Lieu-Dît 'Les Labourons' 2022

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Place: Beaujolais, France

Grape: Gamay

Vibe: Tingling

The so called "starter-wine" from Domaine Valma. Starter my ****. The only thing this is starting is an addiction/love affair. Vines are grown on what is essentially their estate vineyard, a short walk from the cellar on a north-ish facing slope that'll do well in this warming climate. There's a crispness on show but also a seriousness which gives a sneak peak into the house style. It ebbs and flows, remaining effortless and intriguing all the while. Ready to hammer, but will reward some patience handsomely. ABV: 12.5%

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