• Domaine Valma, Fleurie Lieu-Dît 'La Madone' 2022


Domaine Valma, Fleurie Lieu-Dît 'La Madone' 2022

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Place: Beaujolais, France

Grape: Gamay

Vibe: Elite

Nice view from up top next to La Madone, going to vineyards like this really give context to a wine, even better being driven up there with a beautiful 30kg dog sitting in your lap. Dreamy. Anyway, the wine. Fruit from a 50 year old vineyard going through anything but a midlife crisis. It's up the top, exposed and windy, giving us smaller berries and enviable complexity. This is spice laden, coming out more and more with air, alongside a lot of scrubby herb and vibrant red fruit. Has a classiness, one of those wines where you can just tell that they know what's going on, you know? ABV: 14%

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