• ...be my maker #7 feat... SC Pannell + Giant Steps

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...be my maker #7 feat... SC Pannell + Giant Steps

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When it rains it pours.

Natty Boy Wines and Dan's cordially invite you to a night on the piss with SC Pannell and Giant Steps.

It could be that I'm homesick, or it could be that I'm generous. Either way, you win. On Wednesday the 24th of May we will be welcoming winemakers from the upper echelons of Australian fermented grape juice production. 

We will be serving six wines, plus mandatory Jatz Crackers.

Arrive thirsty, as per.

Here are the details:

Dan's - 2-4 Tottenham Rd, N1 4BZ

Wednesday 24th May


Tickets £45ea

You know what to do.


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